It is with a heavy heart that I share with you that Green Recycling Works will be closing its doors as of May 9, 2014. Most, if not all of you, truly shared our vision of using the business as a means to bring men through recovery from addiction.

When we started this venture 4 years ago we made two promises. The first was that we would successfully transition graduates of Exodus to become fully participating members of society by providing transitional work experience. In that, we have borne much fruit - 5 of the 6 men who have worked here are now doing great and are sober; 6 children are now being supported financially; 2 GEDs have been completed; 2 of the men are in college and a third is registering; 3 driver’s licenses have been obtained; 1 man is working on obtaining a CDL; a family (mom, dad and daughters) is living together once again. Around here we say we are “breaking the cycle of poverty and despair one life at a time.” It has happened 5 times over!

The second promise was that if we were not self-sustaining at the end of 3 years of operating we would close and not continue fundraising to support this part of the ministry. We have not reached that goal. As you may have heard, the winter cold was very hard on our equipment. With the required investment to continue current operations, and a negative cash flow, the only option that shows good stewardship is for us to stop.

I am working on getting the men currently with us placed into other jobs so that their recovery can continue.

I thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement! If you have any questions, please contact City Gospel Mission at

Matthew Long